Class 'CouchbaseCluster' not found

I believe I installed the sdk right.

but when I check with below code I get “nope”.

if (class_exists('CouchbaseCluster')) {
    echo 'yup';
echo 'nope';

whats the best way to test the install?

Did you got the solution? I have the same issue!

Hey Guys,

You should be able to use extension_loaded('couchbase') to identify if the Couchbase extension has been loaded.

Cheers, Brett

Hi Brett,

Thanks for the reply.

I did try that, but still have the same issue.

    $myCluster = new \CouchbaseCluster('couchbase://');

Below is my phpinfo output for couchbase.


couchbase supportenabled
version 1.2.0
libcouchbase version 2.2.0
json support yes
fastlz support yes
zlib support yes
igbinary support no