Getting RequestCanceledException

I am using couchbase 4.1.6 package for connecting to couchbase and getting the error below

couchbase.exceptions.RequestCanceledExcepti on: <ec=2, category=couchbase.common, message=request_ _canceled (2), C Source=/ home/ec2-user/workspace/python/sdk/ python-manylinux-wheel-pipeline/couchbase-python-client/src/connection.cxx:199>

What could be causing this error?


I observed that type of error when a node failed over and something was running on the client SDK (a query tipically, with a query node failing over).

Are all the nodes in the running status?

If the operation has not completed before the timeout time expires, the SDK cancels the operation. There should be additional information, such as the timeout itself. And more information can be obtained with debug logging. But the first thing you should do is update to use the latest version of the SDK.