Couchbase scale sounding board

I’m getting ready to test the scale of Couchbase server. There are several ways I could configure things, and I thought I’d put it out there to see if someone has some suggestion as to what to expect. I will represent it as two possible solutions. In truth, there is more of a spectrum of possibilities between these two extremes.

Background: N stores, where N is in the thousands. Each store has, say a million documents. Each store would have between 40 and 500 handhelds.

Deployment Solution 1: Each store gets its own CB server and Sync Gateway. Only 1 or 2 channels based on client priviledges

Each CB server (or server cluster) would have a million docs. I’ve tested this and it seems to work, with an initial sync of about 26 minutes.

Deployment Solution 2: One enterprise cluster of CB server and M Sync Gateway instances. Each store gets one or two channels, so there are N or 2N channels in the gateway.

The CB server cluster would have billions of documents (1000s of stores times a million docs = billions). Sync Gateways would be spun up as needed. I would think M <= N.

The number of docs in a given CB Lite would be unchanged in either case.

Has anyone tested putting billions of docs in a CB server cluster?