Couchbase server and sync gateway


At the moment i am running couchbase server and sync gateway on same machine with 5 nodes.

As i do not see any issue with Couchbase Server cluster database but because of sync gateway issue once in a while i need to restart server.

I am planning on separating Couchbase Server from Sync gateway.

Here is the plan:

3 Couchbase servers nodes in one cluster (Only Couchbase server service)

4 Sync Gateway nodes connect to couchbase servers (Only Sync Gateway service)

  • How should i connect non local couchbase servers through sync gateway config.
  • What happens if specified couchbase server in sync gateway goes offline
  • Is it a best practice to scale this way than keeping couchbase server and sync gateway on one machine and adding more nodes when needed.

I am looking to have high availability.



Can anyone please look into my scenario please and help me if thats the best practice to implement?

Karunakar Reddy

There’s no requirement for the server address defined in the sync gateway config to be local.

On Sync Gateway startup and initial connection with the server, it retrieves the full Couchbase Server cluster information, and is able to maintain connection to the server if one or more server nodes goes down.

I think it’s accurate to say that running Sync Gateway and Couchbase Server on separate nodes is the most common approach, so this approach makes sense

Thank you Adam for your clarification.