Server requirements

I’m developing an application that is going to be the core business of my own startup. I’m using mobile sync, so Sync Gateway is required, and I’m using N1QL for some update operations.
I’m concerned about the cost of servers to maintain an infrastructure that supports my needs.
Can you give me a quick overview of the minimum characteristics that my servers should have, on any service?

I have not used mobile sync, so I cant comment on that, but for the Couchbase server sizings I suggest you read through

as these worked for me to size the cluster, as for the N1QL, are you planning on waiting for Couchbase 4.0? If so depending on your use case you may want to run separate index/query nodes to reduce the load on the cluster.

Without knowing your requirements its very hard to make any recommendations.

Hi, I advise you to watch the following video, this is the most recent information you’ll find about sizing: