Couchbase Restore from ReadOnly Archive


So, we have a production CB cluster (6.5.1) running. We need to get a replicated DR cluster setup
XDCR is not available to us, for a few reasons
2 CB clusters in 2 separate kubernetes clusters
No ability to extend K8s networking between the clusters so XDCR can’t talk directly with the receiving nodes

We are able to create backup’s of the data with cbbackupmgr
The data is stored on a network device, which is replicated to our DR datacenter with a ReadOnly Replica
When i try to restore from that ReadOnly copy, cbbackupmgr keeps telling me
Error restoring cluster: Error opening archive at /backups due to Not an archive directory

This is probably because it wants to write a file

Has anyone found a way to restore FROM a ReadOnly copy?

  1. for cloud storage, cbbackupmgr restore (CLI) has an option --obj-read-only that disables lock file creation and log updates in the archive location to allow restores from cloud storage where the user does not have write permissions.

  2. This may have changed, but at one point : --obj-read-only option is not supported in the Backup Service

Do you know what version this option is available in?
We are currently running 6.5.1, and I don’t see this option available.

It appears in the 6.6 manuals (and not the 6.5 ones):

( introduced it)