Couchbase restart with nonode@nohost error

I am using CB 4.0.0 community edition. CB restarted with below log

[ns_server:info,2016-06-14T01:32:53.609+05:30,nonode@nohost:<0.88.0>:ns_server:init_logging:144]Started & configured logging
[ns_server:info,2016-06-14T01:32:53.612+05:30,nonode@nohost:<0.88.0>:ns_server:log_pending:32]Static config terms:

looks like, ns_server not able get ip. I have not used hostname here while setting up cluster . can one please provide me the reason for this issue and what are the steps need to be followed to avoid this issue in future.

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same here. did you solve this issue?