Couchbase Server not starting after Linux Server Restart (Couchbase 5.0 Enterprise Version)

I had recently restarted the Ubuntu Server(Hardware Restart) but after the restart, the Couchbase server was unable to start with the following error

Error while starting couchbase
couchbase[32779]: {error_logger,{{2019,2,19},{11,6,49}},“global_trace:~n~p”,[{loop_the_locker,{multi,[],[],[],‘nonode@nohost’,false,false}}]}

Error in the error.log
[ns_server:error,2019-02-19T10:57:30.807Z,ns_1@<0.213.0>:ns_server_nodes_sup:do_wait_link_to_couchdb_node:170]ns_couchdb_port(<0.212.0>) died with reason {abnormal,1}

I have tried the following to fix
restarting the Couchbase server from SSH,
reconfiguring the firewall and firewall ports,
restarting docker,
running docker with Couchbase configurations,
restarting console_setup service,

Does anyone have any idea how to fix the above-mentioned error?

Server OS: Ubuntu 16.04,
Couchbase Server: Couchbase 5.0 Enterprise Version.

Thank you in advance

I have fixed the issue by removing all the docker containers and adding them again and then restarting Docker, Couchbase Server and Sync_gateway. :slightly_smiling_face:

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