Couchbase reduce large amount other data

Hi All,
We have a couchbase server running with almost 26 million documents. It has 6 GB Ram and a disk of 55 gb.
Now i see the amount of other data is rapidly filling up in minutes and i dont know what it is an how to reduce this.
I already did a couple of manual compacting runs and put the compacting purge interval to 0.1. But it doesnt seem to really reduce it. We have like 300 datapoints that are logged, sometimes per seconds and i overwrite some datapoint and device keys really frequitenly with an last_known key. So i can always query the last know datapoint data and device really quickly. Is there something else i can do to reduce the other data amount?
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Other Data is simply files on that disk which isn’t Couchbase data.

I suggest you use normal OS monitoring tools (df, du, etc) to identify what the “other” data is.

Well we did update the compacting settings and i think this resulted in less “other data”, but iam not sure.
Also we doubled the disk data and the RAM for Indexing and restarted couchbase.
This resulted also in much less “other data”.
So i think it has somehow something to do with the data couchbase is storing?