Couchbase NoSQL Summit - Prerequisite support

The prerequisite for Couchbase NoSQL Summit can be found here

If any one needs help with the steps mentioned in this document , please post your questions here.

I already have Python3 install. Would P3 works during the NoSQL summit or I have to install P2?


Hi Vadim,

Python3 will work for the NoSQL Summit. The only caveat that I would note is that Python is also a prerequisite for the AWS CLI tool. This is listed as version Python 3.3+. As long as that condition is met, you should be good.


Can Peter keep the environment in place through the weekend. I want to go through the rest of the labs :slight_smile: Can’t work on during business hours, that’s why the Summit was ideal, it gives a break from the day-to-day of my project deadlines. Last night was too busy to finish.