Can't install couchbase sdk for Python version 3.7?

I’ve successfully installed couchbase using pip. It works perfectly fine when using 2.7. It is version 2.5.9, and the website says version 2.5.1 is compatible with python 3.7 so shouldn’t it work when installed with pip3? Trying to install it with pip 3 so I can import it in my python 3.7 program yields this. Can anyone help?

It should indeed, you need to install the Python 3 headers though (if I recall correctly, this would be in python3.7-dev/python3.7-devel or rh-python37-devel, depending on your OS - I’m guessing Centos, so I think it’s the latter). If you can install on 2.7 that would suggest you have all the other needed components.

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