How to use Couchbase Mobile

I am working on Health Device app in which we take data from health devices and send it to cloud.but when server is down data is not reflected on our site so i want to use couchbase mobile.but i dont understand how to start.i install couchbase server and couchbase gateway.i installed couchbase lite but now i am confused how to start coding.
i have json data which i want to send on server so my question is i have to store this json in bucket?
and how to create manager in my case.
i am new in android so don't know about couchbase.

Thanks in advanced.

You need to take a look at the sync-gateway first. Its a server side process that deals with synchronisation between a couchabse server and a couchbase mobile app.

i have one doubt.i send my data on aws cloud so how couchbase will send my data on my cloud platform?

You need to run a server that has couchbase and the sync-gateway installed and running.

Run sync gateway which will reffer config.json file, and write your configuration for couchbase server in it.

by that configuration your local db will come to know that where to store data( means on which server adress, and in which bucket ) in couchbase server !

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