Mobile and Server Solution

Hi. Nice to read about the new version but aks myself following: Is it still such a pain to have a mobile and server environment, which means - if I use the new sync gateway with new couchbase-lite … can I access the server directly with the sdks like for nodejs, that accesses couchbase server … without confusing the mobile sync replication?

I read a lot about possibilities in old versins with shadowing and other bad hacks … for me the only solution was to use couchdb with couchbase-lite in sync. But now with 2.0 this possibility is gone and I don’t know which solution can handle this. We have mobile and web interface and I don’t want to let my webserver talk with sync gateway :frowning:

best regards, tony

the new versions make it all possible. Like you can have sdks talking to the couchbase server using Node or anything else for that matter. And the mobiles will get the changes also.

The only if is if you have configured the sync gateway correctly. And with 5.1 and sync gateway 1.5+ or 2.0+ your webservers can directly talk to couchbase server and mobiles will get the data.

If you get any issue do let us know , we will help you in setting it up correctly.

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Sounds like you want Shared Bucket Access

Great! I will try it out.

I took part on a webcast but it was stopped right after beginning because a fire alarm in the office :wink: unfortunatly I got no new date about.

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