Couchbase Mobile Adapter - CBGimbalAdapter Sample code

I watched this video - Building Apps with Couchbase Mobile and Gimbal: Couchbase Connect 2015. The video discusses the interaction of Gimbal Beacons with Couchbase Mobile via the “Couchbase Mobile Adapter”. The sample code is supposed to be available on GitHub in Couchbaselabs but I can’t find it anywhere.
Can anybody provide the link to the sample code or provide any more info on CBGimbalAdapter.

Looks like that code you mention is in a private repo. I’m not sure why that is but I will ping the author to find out more.

Sorry about the delay, the owner of the code was on vacation. He indicated that it will become public as soon as he cleans up a few things on it to make it more appropriate for general use. So hang in there.

Ok, thanks for your help.