ANN: Couchbase Mobile 1.3 developer preview

At long last we have preview (beta) builds of the 1.3 versions of Couchbase Lite and Sync Gateway. These are nearly complete, they just haven’t been through the full QA process yet. We hope to release 1.3 in the next week or two, and would appreciate your help in flushing out any remaining issues.

Major changes across the board include:

  • OpenID Connect authentication
  • Timed expiration of documents
  • Gateway-to-Gateway replication
  • CBL replicator performance improvements, especially for frequently-changing documents

…plus bug fixes and lesser enhancements, of course.

We have a draft of new documentation for these features.

These are the release pages on Github for each project, which list the new features and bug fixes, and at the end link to the download pages:

Note: If building for iOS or tvOS, you’ll need to add the system library libc++.dylib (which may show up as “libc++.tbd”) to your target’s Link Binary With Libraries build phase. Otherwise you’ll get a bunch of undefined-symbol link errors.

If you find any regressions, please let us know ASAP by filing an issue on the appropriate project in Github. Thanks!

(Thanks also to the developers who’ve been working with our nightly builds and helping us catch problems before this release)


In order to fit in with the naming convention on Nuget, .NET has been changed to this