Android Couchbase live viewer alternative

Hey all, I’ve been using Couchbase and Couchbase Lite for a few years now, and I figured it was time to finally give something back to the community! :slight_smile:

I wrote a Couchbase plugin for Stetho, which allows you to see into your Android CBL database at run-time (using Chrome), and you can manually refresh it to see the most recent changes (it doesn’t provide live-updates yet).

The library is here (, and is making it’s way to JCenter as we speak, so you won’t need my extra Maven repository in your Gradle files eventually.

Also, if you’ve never used Stetho, I’ve written about it here:

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you run into any problems! Also, please note that this is my first release, and I only just wrote the plugin today - but so far it seems stable in my projects.


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This is really cool!



If you can think of any enhancements/extensions, please let me know - or you can add suggestions here directly (

Right now, I have read/write capability, hiding private fields, and denormalizing JSON on tap.

Yeah that’s awesome! I got it up and running quickly following the readme. Will definitely use this from now on.