Couchbase Mobile 3 is now GA with C & Kotlin API support and more!

Happy to announce that Couchbase Mobile 3 is now GA!

This is a major release that broadens our platform support on Couchbase Lite with introduction of C API and native Kotlin support and introduces core architectural enhancements on Sync Gateway that would make it simpler to configure and administer the platform in the cloud or at the edge. Download here!

Here are the highlights of the release -

Couchbase Lite

  1. C API for mobile,desktop and embedded platforms
  2. Kotlin support for Android
  3. SQL++ (N1QL) String Based Query Support

Sync Gateway

  1. Centralized Cluster-Aware Persistent Configuration
  2. Authentication & Authorization of Admin REST API
  3. Auto Purge of Local Documents on Channel Access Revocation

Check out the What’s New page and blog post for details.

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