Couchbase lite 2.0, DB23 Sync gateway 2.0 Beta 2, First impressions


I’m testing couchbase 2.0 last version : db23 with sync gateway 2.0 beta 2, with my project in c# xamarin forms, UWP et Android.
After spending 4,5 month working with couchbase lite 2.0, couchbase server et sync gateway, I’m so pleased to tell : It’s working as espected !

I flushed my bucked, uninstalled sync gateway beta 1 to instal a new version of the new beta 2, inserted my around 40000 documents in my bucket, started my application in parralel under windows and android, and the result was nice :

  • Sync all my documents without exception
  • Don’t even stop randomly
  • No crash
  • Very quick sync, I was impress
  • The numbers ( I displayed them on screen) of total and progress of sync were coherent, no delta, no looses.

I added some document on each platform, ths sync worked quickly and without trouble.

I even tested to add 2 documents offline on my android app, and when I resync, all goes well.

Thank you guys for your hard work to make it happend, especially @priya.rajagopal for her support, and an enormous thank to Jim @borrrden for his work and his help.

It’s good to write a post without trouble !

I started 6 months ago with a vision off an app using couchbase after seeing an online conf, today my dream came true, and that’s so good !





That’s great to hear! Thanks for writing up your impressions. The dev team put a ton of work into fixing bugs in between betas 1 and 2, and the QE team brought in a lot more functional tests that helped expose those bugs. We’re almost ready to release…

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I second that, big thanks to @borrrden and @priya.rajagopal

We are getting an freeze on the busy state right now. But I’m ruling some things out before reporting it.



Ok, the sequential replication seems to work out fine now. We upgrade CBS server to 5.5 (prev: 5.0.1). Don’t think that was the culprit. I’m suspecting it was the the extra sync document files that SGW brings along. When installing CBS we cleaned the buckets and restarte SGW.
All went well.

Now the big cheese: the 200000+ buckets.

I seem to have a problem here. Will open an issue

I’ve also been pounding on CB Lite DB023 in my Win UWP, Android, and iOS apps. It works great. The replication issues are resolved. Thanks @borrrden !