Couchbase Lite Java to sync with Sync gateway

I’m planing to use Couchbase Lite with Java application which will run on Raspberry PI. I need to sync that Couchbase lite database with couchbase sync gateway. How can I accomplish it?

I tried to get info from documentation but it didn’t had that email. I need to run this Java application with offline support.

Training info is here.
General documentation is here.

Thanks @jens. I have read them now. There is no specific training for Java. I saw android I will look in to it now.

Most of the Couchbase Lite API is the same between Java Apps and Android Apps written in Java (the only difference is when instantiating the manager).

As for training for Java, you can checkout @nraboy’s blog on using CBL with JavaFX.

Also take a look at the Collecting iBeacon Data with Couchbase and Raspberry Pi IoT Devices post.