Couchbase for cross-platform offline desktop app

I want to write a cross platform desktop app that uses the sync gateway and stores data offline. My main database is on couchbase and I want my database to be synced with the app. Can I use couch lite and electron? What best works with couchbase?

You can, but in the current state of affairs you will need to vreate your own Javascript bindings to make Couchbase Lite accessible from Javascript (if you go this route, please consider contributing this as an Apache2 licensed open source project, since it will be useful to many Couchbase Mobile users)

At some point we’re hoping to release a Javascript SDK for Couchbase Lite, but work hasn’t started on that yet.

To add to what Traun said, you can do this with CBL 1.x. It isn’t available with 2.x yet.

I’m also trying the same thing but I’m new to couchbase are there any links to the documentation