Couchbase Lite and Spring boot

Hi @jens @borrrden @jamiltz
I am working with couchbase Lite (mobile) database. I am trying to use Spring data couchbase for configuration and operations. but I am not getting how to configure couchbase lite using spring boot. I have refer several links but they have provided samples for working with couchbase server(by providing IP and bucket details) , please suggest me the link or some samples for getting started with couchbase lite and spring data couchbase.


If you want to use Spring I am assuming you want to target Sync Gateways’s bucket directly. This is not the recommended solution. The recommended solution would be to go through Sync Gateway’s REST API. You can perfectly build a REST client for this and expose it as a Spring bean.
If you really want to target that bucket from the Java SDK you might be able to use Bucket shadowing but this is discouraged.
Unfortunately right now the server and mobile development model are not compatible. We are working on mobile convergence to address these issues.

Can we use spring boot api with couchbase Lite ?


Is there any release that happened for couchbase spring data to be compatible with couchbase mobile or lite?

There is no release today that works with Spring Data. The Spring Data implementation for Couchbase is based on Couchbase Server and Couchbase Capella.