couchbase-lite-C usage for a production app

Hello @borrrden @jens ,

Help us understand when can one use “couchbase-lite-C” for production apps, say for just DB CRUD operations? Or can the current version can be used which is close to beta.? How much it reuses (couchbase-lite-core) code internally?


Couchbase Lite C is currently not for production use. We have plans to release a production version in the future. If you are interested in seeing a production version of Couchbase Lite C, please let @priya.rajagopal know as she is collecting info on customer interest and use cases.


@priya.rajagopal I have been working on a Couchbase Lite SDK for Dart/Flutter, which builds on Couchbase Lite C. Given its feature set and the lack of comparable solutions currently available for the Flutter platform, Couchbase Lite would be a really attractive option for many Flutter devs. It would be great to have a rough timeline for when Couchbase Lite C will be ready for production.

Building Dart.ffi extensions on top of CBL-C is a popular use case that we envision with the platform so glad to see that working out for you. At this point , we are looking for GA sometime early next year but stay tuned for a beta release this year - that’s coming up shortly.
That said, not sure which commit of CBL-C you have been using the latest API implementation should be more or less finalized. So if you have implemented to the latest API spec, the transition to GA should be relatively seamless.

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