How widely is CBL used in production?


I have yet to release an application with CBL, though I have been refactoring an application to use CBL 1.2.1 as its database, but with bugs and regressions like this, I wonder how production ready is it? How many applications use CBL?

Android version has apparently been unusable on at least 1.2.1 and 1.3.0

Based on the comments, two months ago there have been more critical bugs than this (= database stopping to work after 30 minutes being idle).

Android regression from 1.2.1 to 1.3.0, which renders it useless in a simple use case

Comments that CBL 1.2 is unusable

I switched from sunset Dropbox Sync API to Couchbase. I have more trouble with Sync Gateway (SG) than CBL. See my other posts for more info. Join the community, give feedback, report bugs. It only can get better!

@lasse I hope we can address your concern.

Are you asking about PhoneGap in particular? Of the three items you posted, two look like they are different reports of the same problem. All seem to be connected to using PhoneGap.

From reading the reports above, all the issues have workarounds. (That doesn’t mean we take them lightly. Just that we work hard to address problems and make sure developers can get the answers they need.)

CBL is used in production by companies like Ryan Air (by some measures, Europe’s largest airline), for example. So, yes, it’s used in real, heavy-use products.

I was wondering about CBL in general, but yes, my use case applies specifically to PhoneGap/Cordova on Android and iOS.

I misinterpreted that first issue as applying to all CBL+Cordova+Android use, so I was quite worried about how widely CBL is used, but it seems it “only” relates to using the _changes feed.

I could work around the issue that I reported, but I would rather not.

I’m glad to hear that CBL is used heavily. I’m very hopeful that CBL will solve problems that other storage/persistence methods with Cordova have.