Can we use Spring data couchbase for couchbase lite?

Hi guys,

Here, I am dealing with CRUD operations on Couchbase Lite (Even being an desktop application to support offline mode).

Spring data couchbase helps in adding the data directly to the Couchbase server in which I was successful.
However, can I use Spring data couchbase for my CRUD operations on Couchbase Lite? Currently I am using Maps for the CRUD oprations.
Any suggestions will be helpful to me as I could not find any tutorials/help for the same.

Please provide me some sample code/tutorials which will help me achieve this.
@ldoguin @simonbasle

Spring Data Couchbase is built on top of the Java SDK, which targets Couchbase Server.

Couchbase lite and the Sync Gateway are not compatible with these APIs, as the sync gateway needs the metadata it adds to the documents.

So no, Spring Data Couchbase cannot be used with Couchbase Lite :frowning:

Thank you @simonbasle