Couchbase is not returning newly created documents

Hi Team,

The records inserted into CouchBase By Java program are not returning in Select Query… But i am seeing document if i do search with Document ID . If i restart Couchbase i am getting the records in select query.
Couchbase version : 4.5.0-2601 (Enterprise Edition)

Vara Prasad.


I’ll bet this is probably because you are using NotBounded ScanConsistency in your queries (which is the default behavior). For more information, check out this blog post (the examples are in C# but I think it should be helpful no matter which language you are coding in) -

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Thanks Mathew,
But if i do select query after 1 day also i am not getting data.
Even i am not getting data when i do search from Couchbase Admin console.Only getting it after restart the couchbase.

Vara Prasad.

Hi @varamkotapti,

Could you post an example of the document and an example of the query?

Did you create the index using GSI, MOI or Views?