Query Not Returning Document Unless I `USE KEYS`

Hey there,

I’ve got a document that should be returned by a query isn’t. Here’s what I know.

Query 1 - Which SHOULD return the document
select * from bucketName where field="value"


Query 2 - Which DOES return the document
select * from bucketName use keys 'documentID' where field="value"


Query 3 - Fails with scan_consistency=request_plus
select * from bucketName where field="Value"

Failed to access view keyspace bucket_keyspace or view index missing

Query 4 - List keyspaces
SELECT * FROM system:keyspaces;


    "keyspaces": {
      "datastore_id": "",
      "id": "bucket_keyspace",
      "name": "bucket_keyspace",
      "namespace_id": "default"

I think for some reason the index for the bucket isn’t being updated? But I can’t see any builds in progess etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I’m super stumped

Check the indexer.log for errors. or restart the couchbase server and see if that helps.