Couchbase server 5.5 contains 1.5 million documents but java shows up only around 450000


When my Couchbase had only 20000 documents, everything was fine. Now that it has 1.5 million records, nothing works.
I need to export all the documents, and when I do "SELECT * FROM ref-crs-economic-operator" I only get around 450000 documents (never the same exact number). What could I do to solve this issue?

Any help is welcome, I am a newbie in Couchbase.

Check the primary index and see how many it has indexed and any pending items in Index tab in UI.
You can drop primary index and re-create and try it

The index said “100%”, I did a select limit offset in a loop where I was increasing the offset and it did work. Now I can export all the records.
Anyway, thanks for the advice, I didn’t know about the indexes not being completed.