Couchbase Installtion on Common NAS Mount Cluster


I’m trying to install the couchbase server between the two nodes (fr eg: is one server and is another server)which is having Common NAS Mount path.

I have installed the couchbase in and it is up and running fine.Now i want join the cluster( with this.When i try to start the couchbase services from the services are not getting started.

Can someone please respond how to install the couchbase in Cluster
which having common NAS mount.

This is generally a bad idea - the whole point of a clustered system (like Couchbase) is that you don’t have a single point of failure. By using a single NAS you’re introducing exactly that.

You might as well just run one node - you’ll have essentially the same redundancy (i.e. none), and it’ll be much simpler to manage.

If you’re talking about CIFS or NFS, that’s listed in the documentation as not supported. Historically there was a technical reason (locking related, IIRC) that this wouldn’t work as expected. The circumstances have changed, but it’s still in this state as it’s not something that is tested.