Count(*) from bucketname is giving wrong results intermittently

Hi Team,

We have a cluster which is running on 665 version. We ran count(*) from a bucket which is having some million data records but it gave the count result as zero. This is intermittent. After sometime, the same query gave the correct count.

Below is the query and we ran it in UI and we got the result as below:

select count(*) from bucket_name

—> “$1” : 0

After sometime, the same query gave the correct result as:

select count(*) from bucket_name

—> “$1” : XXXXX

Please let us know what caused this issue? Is there any bug in 665 version with respect to bucket stats?

I did not find any issue that matches your description. Open an issue at

select count(*) from bucket_name;
Is special case it gives the count from bucket stats no processing in query service.