Couchbase Lite for Windows Phone


Is there are any plans for releases a Couchbase Lite Database for the Windows Phone?

It’s something we are very interested in and are actively taking a look at! We did not plan for it for our general release, but keep your eyes and ears open for news of our C# efforts.

Any status Update about a c# port for Windows Phone and Windows RT development?

Any status Update about a c# port for Windows Phone?

Any example of couchbase Lite for windows phone C#

Hello jboe,

There are plans for Windows Phone support in the near future.

Hey giorgos,

Check out the Couchbase Lite .NET webinar - - where updates to WinRT and Windows Phone efforts are provided.

What kind of apps are you currently developing and considering Couchbase with?

@jboe We just shipped 1.0 of our .NET library with support for iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, and Windows. Now that we’ve hit this milestone, we will start work on porting to WinRT/Windows 8 Store/Windows Phone 8.1.

Just so you have some idea of how big a job this will be, using the Xamarin scanner tool, we’re facing a rewrite of 22% of our current codebase in order to target WinRT. It’s a lot of work, but we’re going to make our way through it. Just wanted to let you know why it was delayed.

Is there any updated timeframe? I would love to use Couchbase Mobile for a Windows 8 app.

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I didn’t realize windows mobile wasn’t supported until I started setting up the project and started to add the nuget references. If there is an ETA for windows phone support I might be able to live without it for a time but if there is no definite timeline then I’ll need to look elsewhere, which would be a shame because CBL would be an ideal fit (if it supported Windows Phone).