Couchbase for iOS Swift Library?

Is there any plan afoot to make a Couchbase Mobile library for iOS in Swift? I’m switched over to writing all my apps in Swift, and I’d love to see this happen!

Hello @davidgs,

It is indeed available and you can find the guide to Couchbase-Lite for iOS in Swift over in our Mobile Developer Portal.

Can toggle the platform tabs to see platform specific code on the relative topics.

There aren’t any plans. The existing framework is perfectly usable by Swift apps, so it shouldn’t matter to you what language it’s written in.

It’s a ~40,000 line codebase that took four years to write, so we wouldn’t rewrite it on a whim or because one language is cooler than another. A genuine reason to rewrite would be that Swift is about to become cross-platform, and it would be great IMHO to have one codebase rather than the three we have now. Whether Swift is the right language for that (as opposed to C++, C# or Rust, for example) we can’t tell yet, not until we can evaluate Apple’s open-source implementation and see how it works on Android.

(Disclaimer: the above is purely my opinion, not that of the mobile team as a whole. No future plans expressed or implied. Void where prohibited. Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.)