Couchbase Development Made Easy With New Plug-In for JetBrains

Are you an application developer who uses IntelliJ IDEA, Rider, GoLand, or PyCharm? If you want to elevate that experience, this webcast is tailor-made for you. While DataGrip already offers a robust suite of features, we’ve taken it a step further with our all-new Couchbase plug-in. Exclusively crafted for JetBrains IDEs, it will supercharge your productivity when you’re working with Couchbase databases. (Note that we engineered this plug-in specifically for the requirements of application developers as opposed to DBAs.)

After introducing you to the DataGrip platform, we’ll show you how to:

  • Install the Couchbase plug-in
  • Use SQL++ autocomplete, including buckets, scopes, and collections and their attributes
  • View, edit, and delete documents directly from the plug-in
  • Create new documents based on the schema of current documents in collections
  • Import and export data with collections and indexes
  • Export DDL and indexes

NOTE this event will happen 3 times to cater for different timezones, choose the time right for you.

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