Couchbase module for jupiter books

Is there any plans to offer couchbase support for jupiter books?
I’d also love to see support for couchbase in the azure data studio app or VS code.

Hi @elbilo,

Could you expand a bit on the kind of support that you would like to see? Is it syntax highlighting for SQL++?

PS: We do have a VS Code plugin in the works if you are interested in testing it out here GitHub - couchbaselabs/VSCode-Couchbase

I like to use Jupyter books for executing and documenting couchbase implementation scripts for our individual microservices and operations. Also at least under Azure Data studio one can get the use of intellisense.

Hi @elbilo,

Currently, you can use Jupyter notebooks to execute and document your couchbase scripts. If you need to run it from Jupyter environment, you need to have the Couchbase SDK installed in the environment.
We have an example of it in this repo: GitHub - couchbase-examples/couchbase-jupyter-labs: A series of labs created to start using Couchbase with the Python SDK

From what I understand, Azure Data Studio is designed to mainly work with the Azure/Microsoft databases. We need to explore if they have an option to build extensions to support other Databases. Let us know if you know of any. That might be something we can explore.

Currently, we support DataGrip from Jetbrains