Couchbase Community Edition no longer available on AWS

Until very recently Cloudbase Community Edition used to be available as an AMI on Amazon Web Services (see for example “Running couchbase AMI on aws EC2 in this Forum”).

However, I see the Community Edition is “no longer available to new customers” of AWS. Can anyone help me understand if it has been withdrawn by Couchbase, and if this will be a permanent situation?

Hi @julian.tuck,

You’re right we have discontinued shipping Community Edition AMI on AWS Marketplace.

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Hi Anil,

Thanks for the reply. It’s clear that you’ve stopped doing it, I was hoping
for some clarification. This has made installing Couchbase on a trial AWS
account extremely difficult, and is contributing to my experimenting with
MySQL Document Store, despite having done all the in-house development on
my new application (a new diagnostic tool for Rheumatologists) using

Are you discouraging use of the Community Edition altogether, or is there
some reason why it’s particularly difficult to support on AWS?

I understand that you’re not obliged to answer the questions of new and
prospective users, but it would be of great assistance in deciding whether
to continue using your excellent product or regretfully search for another


Julian Tuck

Hi @julian.tuck,

We really appreciate you sharing your concerns and providing us feedback. We are currently evaluating our marketplace strategy and we may revert it back to original based on the feedback we receive.


Hi @anil

I have just come across this thread as I was looking for a reason on why the community edition was not available on AWS.

By biggest concern though is your comment of We are currently evaluating our marketplace strategy, the reads as if Couchbase may discontinue the community edition.

We are just at the very beginning of developing a solution in Couchbase and would like to know the impact before we get too far down the track.

Can you confirm if the Community Edition is likely to be discontinued?