Couchbase Cluster Build Recommendation and Guideline

I am looking for a guideline and recommendations for a fresh enterprise cluster build. Point(s) of interest as below:
Considered Environment: VMware Virtual Machine
Infrastructure: Calculation/ best practices for resource (CPU, Memory and Disk) allocation ,
Couchbase: Relation between allocated resources with amount of data (helpful for capacity management and other troubleshooting). Allocated Memory with Index relation etc…
I have gone through , but looking for something more.

Hi @jayantazb

It would be great if you can provide some more details on workload you are planning to run on the system and infrastructure available to come up with guideline/recommendations.

workload details-

  1. approximate number of docs you are planning store
  2. number of replicas - 1 or 2 ? (suggested - min 1)
  3. avg size of the doc
  4. approximate number of fields in a document
  5. rate of requests : what is the expected rate of concurrent ops (read/write/update/delete operations) in a peak hr
  6. n1ql queries - number of concurrent n1ql queries you are planning to run
  7. approximate number of indexes you need
  8. number of buckets

infrastructure details-

  1. how many VM’s
  2. Operating system
  3. number of cores per VM
    4.RAM size per VM
  4. disc type & size