Cluster configuration best practices - Azure


On my way to deploy a cluster in Azure and would like to know what are the minimum requirements and best practices for installing Couchbase.

I thought splitting services into different machines and have 3 for Data, 2 for Index and 2 for Query.

  1. Is it a good practice ? It will allow me to scale each service differently…
  2. Data service requires more RAM than CPU so is it OK to use D11 VM (2 cores, 14 GB RAM) ?
  3. Index service requires more CPU so is it OK to use A3 VM (4 cores, 8 GB RAM) ?
  4. What about Query service ? does it need to be in a different VM or can I use Data/Index VMs to also host it ?
    If it’s also a good practice to separate it, Do I need more RAM or CPU ?

Couldn’t find anywhere a good explanation on separation of services and minimum requirements…
Thanks a Head.

Hi ,i’m same with your cluster set, i find that split services into different machines is more stable and don’t compete for resources.

Thanks for that.
What about the machine types? Is it ok?
Query service to have more CPU or RAM?

The view query and K/V option is running on data server, N1ql is on query server.When you create GSI there is only one index server working.So i think what type machine to use it is depended on your workload、query type.By the way the CouchBase recommends 4 core and 8G ram at least.