Sizing guideline for n1ql indexer


I’m keep having out of memory issues when building n1ql index while building indexes for view works just fine.

I do not see sizing guideline for n1ql index on

How much memory should I assign to an n1ql indexer?

For @prasad and @deepkaran.salooja

Hi @moon0326,
Get started with these:

LMK any specific questions.

Hi @prasad,

The first doc only have amount of disk spaces I need. I’m looking for amount of ram I should have.

Is there a simple way to calculate it? I’m not getting any disk space issue. I’m getting out of memory issues.

256MB is min required for GSI indexes on ForestDB storage. More memory is better though. If you are using Memory optimized Indexes (MOI) then whole index need to fit in memory.

Can you post the errors you are hitting, and details such as couchbase version number, size of documents, indexes etc (the typical questions you see in the sizing guide).

I actually have a ticket #. # is 14616. The ticket should have “collect information” logs.

Item Count: 47,250,214
Document size varies.
Currently assigned ram to the indexer: 12288 MB

Is there an EQUATION that I can use just like the one in the document for the disk size?

Error was "“Service ‘indexer’ exited with status 1”

Hello @prasad

Still waiting for your response on the size…

It would be nice to have a guideline just like the index size on the link I provided. Not just for me…but for everyone else.

hello @prasad @geraldss

We just had one more incident in production.

I created a new index and query service CPU spiked up to 99%. The entire couchbase slowed down for the next 15 minutes.

At this point, I’m thinking about dropping all n1ql queries and go back to views since it is guaranteed to have at least one issue whenever I create a new index. We had the following issues with n1ql index so far.

  1. Index hangs at x%. Only way to fix this was to drop it.
  2. Query service CPU spike up to 99% and stays for while
  3. index service restarts.

Can I get size guideline for n1ql PLEASE? If you need more information than the following, I’m more than happy to share.

Item Count: 47,250,214
Document size varies.
Currently assigned ram to the indexer: 12288 MB

number of index servers: 2
number of query servers: 2

Hi @moon0326,

Sorry about this. Are you getting help on the CBSE? Should we switch to that?

I can create a ticket, but I’m not understanding why there is no guidelines for n1ql (indexer…query service and etc)

There are documented guidelines. @prasad will post here.

@moon0326. I run WW professional services for couchbase.
Would love to spend some time understanding your requirements and your configuration so that we can provide appropriate guidance.

Do you have 30 minutes for a quick call?

My team can be reached at

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Thank you for the offer, but we are already in contact with Matt Brady.

Thank you!

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