Couchbase-cli user-manage: "malformed or role parameters are undefined: [bucket_admin[*]]"

I’m trying to create the RBAC user needed for sync-gateway 1.5.1 with Couchbase v5 ( using the Couchbase cli:

/opt/couchbase/bin/couchbase-cli user-manage -c localhost:8091 \
 --set --rbac-username syncgateway \
 --rbac-password SYNCGATEWAY \
 --rbac-name "Sync Gateway" \
 --roles bucket_admin[*],ro_admin \
 --auth-domain local

I’m getting this error:

ERROR: "Cannot assign roles to user because the following roles are unknown, malformed or role parameters are undefined: [bucket_admin[*]]"

But it appears that is a valid role

I have a similar problem; it is as if the roles documented don’t actually exist. The only roles I am able to successfully assign from the CLI are those which do not require parameters; which obviously isn’t awesome. Even with the * parameter, I get this error.

Any advice out there?

Ah ha… RBAC is an Enterprise only feature. That makes sense now.