Couchbase CE 5.1.1 - Install on Mac fails

I’m attempting to install Couchbase Community on my MBP - it fails to install. When I look at the console logs I see the following entries.

default 21:10:54.750358 +0100 **Couchbase Server Unknown class ‘LoginItemManager’, using ‘NSObject’ instead. Encountered in Interface Builder file at path** /private/var/folders/47/713blktn2wx_jyzxwhrlr_ph0000gn/T/AppTranslocation/1A3D6F49-072D-43D6-BAA9-D2022DE49903/d/Couchbase
default 21:10:54.750601 +0100 **Couchbase Server Failed to connect (loginItems) outlet from (Couchbase_ServerAppDelegate) to (NSObject): missing setter or instance variable**
default 21:10:54.813322 +0100 **Couchbase Server Failed to resolve bookmark 10081fa00 with error**:
default 21:10:54.814057 +0100 **Couchbase Server Failed to resolve bookmark 100821c00 with error**:

I am guessing I’ve missed a step or something. This is the first time I’ve installed CB CE on my Mac.

Any ideas?

Have you moved Couchbase to the /Applications directory? I remember having issues with my install until I did that.

Thanks @hyling - Applications folder + reboot did the trick.

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