Couchbase cbrestore screws up internal state

I have Couchbase installed in multiple environments and need to move the database data between these states frequently. I use the command line tools to do backups and restores (cbbackup, cbrestore) and when doing this between my two OSX machines this seems to work. However, when i try and restore to Ubuntu machine bad things happen …

  • The cbrestore completes without error and the item counts indicate that the restore has completed. The views are also loaded and return reasonable resultsets.
  • You can use the web console and also see the list of ids in a bucket which appear and the preview window indicates that the properties are indeed set correctly.
  • The problem is if you click on ANY of the items it will show an empty document with the message "Error: notfound (Document does not exist)" in the upper left-hand side!
  • Furthermore, and you can see this from the image above, I can manually add another document with the same id as an existing document -- in this example the id is '1' -- and rather than overriding the "missing document" it creates another item with THE SAME ID!!!


What version of Couchbase Server are you using?


Please look at related document at,

or use rehash option as
cbrestore /backups/backup-42 couchbase://HOST:8091 --bucket-source=default -x rehash=1