Design documents and views does not restore with cbrestore


I have backed up using cbbackup, when I try to restore using cbrestore the design documents does not restore. my backup contains all buckets and all design documents, I looked inside folders and inner files there were two files design.json , index.json.

I have also tried -x design_doc_only=1 but i didn’t get the result.

cbrestore ./backup/ http://admin:123@localhost:8091 -b testBucket -B testBucket -x design_doc_only=1

I know this is an older post. However I am having the same issue using Couchbase community 6.0.0 Docker image. I am unable to restore views to my bucket using cbrestore. The cbrestore command works on the 6.0.1 Enterprise image and will load my views from the design doc, but not 6.0.0 enterprise or community image.

It shows the restore is completed and I get the “done” message, but no results in the views list in the UI.

Anyone solve this?