Couchbase cbrestore comand

Hi all, I’ve installed couch base 4.5.1 (Community Edition) in Suse, Linux machine. It’s bin folder is having cbbackupmgr command (cbbackup & cbrestore commands are not available). When I tried to restore an existing couch base backup (backup was done in 4.0 community edition) to the clustered I’ve newly created in couch base 4.5.1, via cbbackupmgr restore command, it displays “Restore completed successfully”. In actual, the data are not restored. When I see the size of the file via “cbbackupmgr list” command, the size of the file is displayed as “0B”.
I believe, if I get “cbrestore” command package in my couch base installation, I can restore the database. Is this approach correct? If I do so, whether the created couchbase cluster crashed? From where can I downlaod “cbrestore” package. Please help me