Couchbase Capella Spring Release featuring Couchbase Server 7.2

Couchbase Community! We’ve got a lot to celebrate today

First of, Happy National Cloud Database Day - that’s right, there’s a holiday just for databases.

Each year on June 1st, we encourage industry-wide celebration to raise awareness that cloud databases are the backbone of modern applications. While we can’t compete with National Doughnut Day (I mean, who can?) we’re excited to continue this tradition.

But we’re not ones to show up empty handed to a party, and we’re thrilled to announce the Couchbase Capella Spring Release and its imminent incorporation of Couchbase Server 7.2 . We’re especially excited about the integrations with the popular developer platform, Netlify , and an official VSCode extension .

Lastly, we leave you with a gift bag full of resources:

Party on and grab a doughnut (because let’s be honest, every day is National Doughnut Day).

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