Couchbase backup failure


 Is there a way to trigger a mail when backup is failed ?

No. This is not currently possible. I will add it to our feature list for when we create our automated backup tool.

Thank you @mikew. Is there any callback for the backup failure for now ? So that we can write our own logic to trigger an email

There is no callback at the moment. We currently have two different back clients, one for community edition and one for enterprise in our 4.5 release. The cbbackupmgr (EE only) command will return a non-zero error code if there is a failure so if you’re scripting your commands you can use this error code to determine whether or not something failed. In cbbackup or cbtransfer which are now our CE tools there isn’t a guarantee that this error code will be reported correctly. This is an issue that we are currently working to fix.

Thank you for the information @mikew