Proper Backup system/tool/documentation


I’ve posted here before regarding backup, mainly using cbbackup.

I’m currently really fed-up with how backup seems to be so extremely overlooked by the couchbase team, all documentation always only points to a short reference document about how to use cbbackup, which has proven to be extremely fragile and unreliable, since there are multiple threads (including my own) about how the tool fails to perform the backup in seemingly random conditions. There is some talk that this might have been fixed in 3.0.3, which I suspect will never be released in the CE, since it was released for EE in march, and now they’ve moved on to 4.0 (which is not available in CE).

The backup system we currently use for everything else is based on vmware snapshots, which is stated to be impossible with couchbase since “data is always changing”. What other options for backup are there when a bundled utility does not work and a standard procedure is “impossible”?

And honestly, what is keeping you from releasing 3.0.3 to CE? Is there a real reason or is it just to get people to buy EE?

Hi, We understand your concern over cbbackup issues. Those fixes which you mentioned were in 3.0.3 EE are all available in 4.0 CE. Not sure whether you saw it you can goto Downloads page and under Couchbase Server/Community Edition you will find 4.0CE binaries for all platform.