Couchbase backup validation

Need help regarding backup validations for couchbase, what is the best way / easiest way to validate couchbase backups.

we have recently moved to couchbase and totally new to couchbase, having some trouble with backup validation.

we are using cbbackupmgr backup for taking backup’s and tar the backup file at the end, could not find any solution on my research.

Any help from this community, Thanks in advance.

Hi @ksreenivas33,

What do you mean by backup validation? Are you trying to verify that the backup was successful?

Hello matthew,

yes wanted to check the backup was successfully completed or not (corruption free)
(i know a way where we can restore the backup and check )
but i wanted to do backup validation on hourly basis for our production environment, are there any other possibilities to validate the backup is successful or not.


Since cbbackupmgr is a command line tool, you could probably go off of the return value of the command (I’ve not tried this). Alternatively, the stdout/stderr would have a message like “Error backing up cluster” or “Backup successfully completed” that you could look at.

I don’t know if there’s anything more than that currently available (nothing I could find in the documentation). If that’s not good enough, I’d be happy to put in a ticket with your suggestions for improvement.

Thanks @matthew.groves for the suggestion.

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