Compile Couchbase session provider in .NET 2.0

Currently the Couchbase ASP.NET Session Provider is in .NET 4.5, which is quite new. Most of our applications are in .net 3.5. Is it possible to downgrade the Session provider only, not the rest of the sample projects, into .NET 2.0 compatible library, so that it can be used in almost all ASP.NET web applications out there?


Unfortunately, I don’t believe so. It isn’t just the session state provider, but also the core Couchbase SDK which requires .Net 4.5. There is an older version 1.3 of the SDK, and a session state provider for it, but I believe that even that old version still requires .Net 4.0.

At this point, .Net 4.5 has been out for four years. I’d really consider upgrading. We went through it about a year ago with one of our large web applications, primarily because we wanted the newer Couchbase SDK and also to get TPL async support. It really wasn’t that bad, took about a day.