Couchbase 7 indexer keeps restarting or crashing while building a new index


I have a problem while trying to build a new index. Index service keeps restarting or crashing for some reason, it also slows down the whole cluster and causes “index scan timed out” for other queries we run during the index build. It’s relatively large amount of mutations to be indexed, around 500M. I’m on Couchbase 7.1.1, 4 nodes cluster with two of them running index service. 4 cores for each node. 80000MiB quota for index. I tried to limit number of threads from 4 to 3 for indexer, that helped with index timeout for smaller queries but larger ones still don’t work and index build keeps restarting. Hope that all makes sense, I’m not a DBA :wink:

to increase index scantimeout change this value to max
curl -kgv GET -u Administrator -p http://$
curl -X POST -u Administrator -p http://:9102$HOSTNAME/settings --data ‘{“indexer.settings.scan_timeout”: 600000}’

increase to 4 indexer threads . restart the indexer process using kill -9 ; and read indexer logs you will get some info what is blocking.

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