Another case of the Indexer Service Restarting every 5 seconds

I am not sure if this is even something that I need to worry about.

I have a single node CB Server, that I am only using as a XDCR destination, that I can take nightly backups of. All replication seems to be functioning as intended.

Server Config:
x86_64 Ubuntu
4.1.0-5005 Enterprise Edition
Cluster RAM Quota: 28672
Index RAM Quota: 256
(I am no where near the limitations of the hardware or any of the quotas that are in place.)

Here is the message that I am seeing in the logs:

Service ‘indexer’ exited with status 1. Restarting. Messages:
created by main.main
/home/couchbase/jenkins/workspace/sherlock-unix/goproj/src/ +0xc48
[goport] 2016/05/31 16:06:21 /opt/couchbase/bin/indexer terminated: exit status 2

could you share the full indexer.log - I am at

Hi @BrianG, thanks for the logs. Found the issue;
[goport] 2016/05/31 11:06:06 /opt/couchbase/bin/indexer terminated: exit status 2
2016-05-31T11:06:11.505-05:00 [Info] Indexer started with command line: [/opt/couchbase/bin/indexer -vbuckets=1024 -cluster= -adminPort=9100 -scanPort=9101 -httpPort=9102 -streamInitPort=9103 -streamCatchupPort=9104 -streamMaintPort=9105 -storageDir=/mnt/CouchbaseData/Replica/@2i -diagDir=/opt/couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/crash]
panic: mkdir /mnt/couchbasedata: permission denied

the couchbasedata folder does not have permissions for the couchbase account.
If you can do a “chmod 755 couchbasedata”, things should work fine.

@cihangirb I made the change and the messages are still coming in every 5 seconds. Do you have any other suggestions?

Thanks for your help

could you search the indexer.log (/opt/couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/logs/) to see if permission denied is gone completely?