Index Scan times out


I need help trying to figure out the cause of my ‘index scan timeout’ when I am executing a query a long query. Does anyone of you have has or has had this type of problem? I am using the node sdk. It also times out when I use the query workbench.

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What version of couchbase are you on and what size is your dataset? My team is having the same issue on couchbase 4.1.0 running a query against about 20 Million documents. This error is printed:

“code”: 12015,
“msg”: “Index scan timed out - cause: Index scan timed out”

Not very descriptive or helpful

I am using the same version and my data set is less than one million.

Have you done an EXPLAIN to check whether the query is using a useful index?

Also, it is possible to set a timeout parameter for N1QL queries.

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